Positive thoughts

When you have a life-altering moment…it puts alot of things into perspective. Your mindset changes and your priorities are rearranged. You become more aware of what’s really important and what’s not. You learn to appreciate the simplest of things…taking nothing for granted. I thank HIM for every lesson, pain, heartache, failure and experience. Each has helped me pick up the pieces of my life and allowed HIM to mold me into a better person and grow as a person. I especially thank HIM for His protection. HE spared me and my daughters life on 9/6…He let us live …and for this i’m beyond grateful. On this beautiful day I smile because I’m Alive, I’m Happy, I’m Blessed! Happy Wednesday All!

Peace & Love πŸ˜‰

Love is Love

Love has no color
Love has no gender
Love is love. Beauty

My tribute to the victims in Orlando. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. It’s sad that there is so much hatred in this world. People should be able to leave their homes and not have to worry about…being profiled…being stereotyped…being called the “N” word…being threatened because of sexual orientation…color of skin…religion…weight…etc. We were all beautifully created different and no one has the right to take someone’s life. Hatred is ugly! I don’t know about you but I want to go to Heaven. Love πŸ’™ and ❌the hate.

Feels Good To Be Back

Hello all,

First, Hello and how are you? I haven’t written poetry since Sept. 2015. Last year was really crazy for me…with five funerals back to back including the lost of my grandmother and uncle. You know how that goes!!! Most importantly, i am back and ready to release new material. Well i won’t keep you.


Xoxo Ria 😊


I’m lost for words

Hello all! I’ve missed you a lot. For the past five months I’ve been lost for words. I just recently attended yet another funeral – this makes the 5th funeral in five months. I’ve lost family members and close friends who are like family. I don’t understand it yet I know God makes no mistakes. The selfish part of me wants their physical form here with me. At the end of the day…each of them is in a better place. No more pain, suffering or tears.

Right now I’m suffering from writer’s block but I know God will help me through during this time. Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful day.


-Give hugs now
-Don’t wait to say “I Love You”
-Live your life
-Don’t allow a person or people to dictate your life
-I know Heaven is real and I’ll be damned if I’m going to Hell. God was my creator and He is my Father. He is a forgiving God and I will not allow someone to change my views on this.
-Be free and enjoy life because this is no rehearsal… You only get one!

Love yah,

Ria πŸ˜€

I’m back!

First off…Good morning or Good afternoon!

It feels good to be back. So much has been going on…
I lost my neighbor, my uncle and my grandmother within a month. I had an upper respiratory infection that lasted two weeks and I just lost another amazing neighbor. On the positive side…I was blessed with a car “beyond grateful!” Currently, I do not have to take the city bus but hey I keep a few dollars just in case. Last, I’m still working towards getting my art and bakery business off the ground. A slow process but it’s going. I miss y’all so much! Oh and I lost 30 pounds, yea!

My little update

…Ria πŸ˜€


Wednesday Haiku


Mind over matter
Once accomplished, change occurs
You can do it too πŸ˜€