Feels Good To Be Back

Hello all,

First, Hello and how are you? I haven’t written poetry since Sept. 2015. Last year was really crazy for me…with five funerals back to back including the lost of my grandmother and uncle. You know how that goes!!! Most importantly, i am back and ready to release new material. Well i won’t keep you.


Xoxo Ria 😊



I missed you all

It has been a while
I really missed you so much
Happy New Year too!


Hope all is doing well. 😊

I’m lost for words

Hello all! I’ve missed you a lot. For the past five months I’ve been lost for words. I just recently attended yet another funeral – this makes the 5th funeral in five months. I’ve lost family members and close friends who are like family. I don’t understand it yet I know God makes no mistakes. The selfish part of me wants their physical form here with me. At the end of the day…each of them is in a better place. No more pain, suffering or tears.

Right now I’m suffering from writer’s block but I know God will help me through during this time. Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful day.


-Give hugs now
-Don’t wait to say “I Love You”
-Live your life
-Don’t allow a person or people to dictate your life
-I know Heaven is real and I’ll be damned if I’m going to Hell. God was my creator and He is my Father. He is a forgiving God and I will not allow someone to change my views on this.
-Be free and enjoy life because this is no rehearsal… You only get one!

Love yah,

Ria πŸ˜€

I’m back!

First off…Good morning or Good afternoon!

It feels good to be back. So much has been going on…
I lost my neighbor, my uncle and my grandmother within a month. I had an upper respiratory infection that lasted two weeks and I just lost another amazing neighbor. On the positive side…I was blessed with a car “beyond grateful!” Currently, I do not have to take the city bus but hey I keep a few dollars just in case. Last, I’m still working towards getting my art and bakery business off the ground. A slow process but it’s going. I miss y’all so much! Oh and I lost 30 pounds, yea!

My little update

…Ria πŸ˜€


Wednesday Haiku


Mind over matter
Once accomplished, change occurs
You can do it too πŸ˜€

Lord we need you

It is too often that we must face painful events such as this
Loved ones passing on, who we will forever miss
Leaving broken hearts, tears flooding our eyes and bouncing from our cheeks
Please explain to us Lord, how are we suppose to get passed our grief’s
Lord we need a sign from you, Lord we need to hear you speak…
Lord we need words that will help us to seek…
comfort during this time
Because using black ink to write on blue lines
will not stop the “why Lord” replaying over and over in our minds
Lord we need you right now because we have been losing to many souls
We’re tired of saying and posting “RIP” and “until we meet again”…it gets old
Perhaps it’s the selfish side of us that wants them to live here on earth for eternity
yet Lord we know in our hearts that there is no forever…only temporarily
Lord I asked that you comfort all of my family and WordPress friends
Just cover us Lord until the end. ~ written by Ria


First, I would like to apologize for being away for so long. There are a few events that has happened in my life. First being, the passing of my neighbor, than three weeks later my dad’s brother, than my cousin was in a head on collision (but thank God she and the other lady are still here) and three weeks later my grandmother passed. These past couple of months has been emotional. I’m still heartbroken but I know that God will help me through. Honestly, I just didn’t have words to write on my blog after writing poems for these precious souls for their homegoing services. Although I am still grieving… I just can’t give up on my dreams because that’s not what they would have wanted. Currently, I am still working on my greeting card business. Just bare with me…I love y’all.