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Hi! I’m Ria, and I thank you for visiting my blog. I am a native of the Queen City and a mother to a beautiful young woman by the name of Asia. I have written poetry for over 18 years. In 18 years, I’ve had my work published in anthology books, nominated for online poetry awards, published in my old high school magazine and read aloud at funerals. In addition, I also create greeting cards for family and personal use on special occasions. Although I have many passions, poetry and art will always be my first loves. I knew that I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I allowed both the naysayers, fear and my own negative self-sabotaging thoughts to keep me from pursuing my dreams. Not anymore! God didn’t bring me this far, nor did He give me the gift of writing and creative visions — so that I can just keep it bottled up inside. Forget the naysayers! Forget Fear! Fear who! Fear what! Nope I no longer allow the negativity to stand in my way. Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised. It’s time to stop putting my dreams on hold and live. So I decided that now is the time to pursue my dream of designing an inspirational line of handmade products. I’m ready to embrace my love of art and poetry. I’m ready to help enrich the lives of as many people as I can; one word at a time. I’m so thankful, grateful and blessed. Every day that I wake up is a chance to use my gifts and talents to bless somebody else’s life. To embark on a journey of spreading peace, love, happiness and joy. I think it is amazing what words can do. They have the power to heal, touch, calm, reduce stress, encourage, generate smiles and challenge us when least expected. As an artisan, I’m always creating and thinking of ways that I can make a positive imprint. Before I go, I have to take this time to acknowledge each of you for helping to inspire me and for supporting my work over the last five years. I hope you will continue to stick around because I look forward to sharing my creativity with you. Take care and thank you again for everything.



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