Lord we need you

It is too often that we must face painful events such as this
Loved ones passing on, who we will forever miss
Leaving broken hearts, tears flooding our eyes and bouncing from our cheeks
Please explain to us Lord, how are we suppose to get passed our grief’s
Lord we need a sign from you, Lord we need to hear you speak…
Lord we need words that will help us to seek…
comfort during this time
Because using black ink to write on blue lines
will not stop the “why Lord” replaying over and over in our minds
Lord we need you right now because we have been losing to many souls
We’re tired of saying and posting “RIP” and “until we meet again”…it gets old
Perhaps it’s the selfish side of us that wants them to live here on earth for eternity
yet Lord we know in our hearts that there is no forever…only temporarily
Lord I asked that you comfort all of my family and WordPress friends
Just cover us Lord until the end. ~ written by Ria

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