Which one?

It (doubters, haters, negativity, circumstances, defeat) can define you
Or it can motivate you
Which one will it be?

Let me motivate you right quick…

Quick story
I went from bruising myself to loving myself

I suffered from stress, depression & suicidal thoughts (on a few occasions). Stress broke my body down where I couldn’t walk…had to use a cane. Guess what I defeated all three. I made it out the storm and now I am strong.

I was diagnosed in 2010 with Pseudotumor Cerebri…a disease that affects your vision. I was losing my sight & suffering from double vision. Although I still suffer from double vision…thank God I can see.

Lost my job in 2008 & was unemployed up until 2014. Guess what… just because I wasn’t employed by an employer — I volunteered, went to school and earned a second degree, started my own in-house cupcake business and sold hundreds, cleaned houses, cut grass, organized people homes, and more. Nothing is beneath me.

I never thought I would go to college and when doubters doubted me… I used that energy for motivation. Now I have two degree’s and a certificate on the way. My degree’s may not have helped me land a job in my career field and that’s OK. I simply did it for myself and my daughter. When you commit yourself & stay focused on your goals the impossible is possible.

I’ve endured so much pain in my life but when you have Faith & allow God to order your steps – He will do the unthinkable — Open doors when no one else can — Make away out of no way — Humble you — Heal you & so much more. Whatever you’re going through it won’t last forever. People will discredit, hate, dislike, belittle, cheat, rate, reject, and disown you. It’s OK. Your time is coming. Focus on you and don’t feed into the negativity. Fill your heart with love, positivity, joy, happiness, and most importantly love all people. Get to know people regardless of who they are…I guarantee you both will have something in common. Remember, everyone has a story.

I hope you chose #2

Love yah

Ria 😀


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