A look back


Happy October or should I say Sweet October.

This year is almost over and as I look back I’ve have some ups and downs…but who doesn’t. Despite it all, I still smile because it could be worse. I like to look at the positive highlights of 2014.

• Volunteered with Ronald McDonlad House, local church – coordinating events for the Youth Ushers, donated tons to the Women shelter and clothes closet.
•Help the fight against MS by doing the 3K walk and was invited to ceremony
•Went on a small cruise for the first time
•Started school for the third time…hey thirds a charm right.
•Finally decided on logos for my businesses
•Started working towards a healthier lifestyle
•Focus on positive and surround myself with positive folks
•and a few more things.

I may not have won a lottery, became famous, or whatever but I did do something that is far better…giving back to the community and working on me. The most amazing part I was able to actually look in the mirror and say “I love me” for the first time in my life. #growth #bethechange #loveselffirst #ignoredoubters #presson #thrive

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