What’s on your mind tonight?

I thought I would take a break from writing haiku’s..just a tiny break. Today I would like to hear from you. With only about three months left in the year it’s proof that time surely fly’s and we’re not getting any younger. If you don’t mine me asking, what was one thing that you accomplished thus far?

I’ll start,
• I volunteered with Ronald McDonald House to clean there entire second floor. I was leader over a group of six to seven intelligent young men and women who are involved on the youth usher board.

• I joined other participants in the fight to cure MS by doing the 3K walk to help raise money and bring awareness to this condition. I had a blast!

• I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I’ve been taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

• I donated much to the women’s shelter and local nonprofits.

• I start school in two weeks?

• I landed three interviews in one week after six long years and a job (seasonal but it’s a job) I’m grateful. One day my I.T. and healthcare degree will pay off. Faith! 🙂

There are other small accomplishments but I’ll stop right here. I have no reason to complain. I help, give, serve, and inspire. This is what success means to me. Success is not about money, it’s about fulfilling your purpose in life. Success is about what you feel about your own goals and accomplishments. 🙂


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