If we bleed the same
Why should skin color matter?
Why does it cause hate?

Why such a big deal
Its just skin, beautiful skin
Yours, mines, his, hers, OURS!

It’s 2-0-1-4
Bigger problems in this world
So let’s embrace love

…it hurts me to my core that there are people in this world who can’t look beyond the exterior of an individual. I never understood how a person can have so much hate in their heart for a group of people that they do not know. Without diversity this world would be plain. Diversity is beautiful! How can you say your a child of God when you hate. God loves…


2 thoughts on “Skin

  1. I’m glad my parents raised us to be color-blind… It is a travesty that so many are still brought up or surrounded with ideology that creates divisions…

    1. Indeed! This is a topic that many people do not like to talk about but as a poet I must. I was brought up to love everyone regardless of who they are and because of it I am who I am today. No one class is superior over the next. This world could be so much better if people just loved one another.

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