Have you ever been told…

You are a loser!
You want get far in life!
You don’t have what it takes!
You are ugly!
You can’t do it!
Your not good enough for my daughter/son!
You will never move out!
Your not trying, your lazy!
Your a freeloader!
You suck!

Or have you…

Lost friends do to a change in your lifestyle/status
Had people laugh at your dreams and goals
Had people degrade, belittle, dismiss, abandon you

If so…
This poem is dedicated to you

Your worthy, awesome & deserving!

You will encounter people
Who will call you many ignorant things
But what you should never do
Is stop believing that you are worthy, awesome, and deserving.

Your circumstances does not define you
And you owe no explanations
You are a gift from God
An amazing creation.

So don’t you dare believe
an ounce of negative mentalities
Because you are someone special
You are worthy, awesome & deserving.

You are magnificent, intelligent and uniquely made
So don’t you worry about a thing
You will prosper, joy will come come, and hard times will fade
Remember, you are worthy, awesome & deserving.

~~Never allow other peoples ignorance to define you, your better than that! πŸ™‚


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