Im not just only a poet, read more…

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I just had to create this page because like I stated in my BIO there is so much more to me than poetry. Not only have I been working on perfecting my poetry, I’ve also been working to become a healthier me. Don’t get me wrong this is a poetry blog but it is also an inspirational blog as well. Therefore, I want to inspire you in a many ways as I can. Being that I am in the process of transitioning into the best me possible, I wanted to share my weight loss journey with you. This is only for motivational purposes only, so please no negative comments. Any helpful fitness tips are welcome. If you would like for me to feature you on this page, just let me know and I will. Let’s inspire one another to get fit and become the best us yet!!! Here are some pictures of my progress…


12 thoughts on “Im not just only a poet, read more…

      1. Thank you! My “aim” is to make a difference! And please do not be offended if I did not follow your blog. I can barely keep up with what I do have plus live my life! Bless you!!

      2. That is awesome and no I’m not offended at all. Trust me I understand. That will not keep me from following your work. You are an inspiration to many including myself. 🙂

      3. Ria, I hear words like these honestly, tears come to my eyes. I put in up to 16 hour days, and when I go to bed I don’t even remember sometimes hitting that pillow. But BUT when I hear words like yours, it makes this all worth it.

        This world is so tough to live in, and if I can inspire and uplift and actually push you a little out of your comfortable zone to think in a different way, then again, this to me is worth every hour I put into my work.

        God, I wish I could just wrap my arms around you and hug you!!! THANK YOU! I LOVE sharing my passion for the written word and my photos. This is a dream come true. In the sharing, I get such pleasure. And to really know my “audience” is appreciative, makes all the long hours worth it. IF you have time, just take a peek at “My Life” and you’ll understand a little better who I am. 🙂

        Ria Robinson, you have made my day! Bless you BLESS YOU! Love, Amy

      4. I feel the same way. I’ve faced many challenges in my life and still do but its friends like you who keep me going. Yes I say friends because I don’t really like the word followers. To me we are all one big family and all of you are more supportive than the people around me. You have truly touched me just from your words alone. Its amazing individuals like you who make the world a better place. Thank you for all that you do

      5. There is a Purpose why our Paths have so easily crossed today. I consider my followers my friends as well. Now, Ria, after this conversation, I feel so darn connected to you, I must push your follow button. Simple as that. You have become my friend. I usually don’t go back and forth like this due to “time”, but this has been SO nice. I feel YOU right through the words themselves, so now I really must read more of your words. Simple. And somehow I will have “time” to do so! GRIN! Thank you for becoming such an easy and fast friend!

      6. I believe this as well. I find it so easy to speak with you as if we have known each other forever. I’m glad that we had this time to bond as I’m sure we will have many more. I’m just a southern lady from Charlotte, nc trying to fulfill my purpose in this beautiful thing called life. As well as meet some of the most remarkable people along my journey. So I am super ecstatic to have met you. Thanks for the follow. 🙂

      7. I feel the same, Ria. My family lives in Charlotte. But, you seem more like family to me then they. You are very welcome for the follow as in friendship.

        Now I go to the couch, OMG, almost done, before I have to feed my cats, then work on my post for the morrow. Wow. What a day! God bless you for ALL you do in the Name of Love!!!

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