Message for my Lovely Followers

First & Foremost Happy New Year again!

I have some exciting news or rather an update…


Remember when I stated that I would be changing my blog around, well the day has come for me to start putting in work. Today I will be leaving off just for a little while so PLEASE DON’T UNFOLLOW ME! I have truly became attached to each of you and your work inspires me in so many ways. Your the reason I continue to keep writing and pushing myself daily.


The reason I will be off for a little while… 

I will be working on new content that im sure that you will love. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a POET HEAD, POET LOVER, POET FREAK…simply put, I just love all styles of poetry. With this being said I have been working on how to improve my poetry and bring new styles into the mix. I love learning and I also love that you all can look past my grammar and focus on the meaning behind my lyrics. Not only am I working on new poetry styles but also a new greeting card line. No this will not be a cookie cutter greeting card line, the words will be poetic, inspiring and real. I hope that we will continue to grow as together in 2014.


I will be back soon…. =)

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