Morning Haiku

I challenged myself this morning to do something different with my Haiku. I wanted to see if with time and patience I could create a Haiku Story using every single alphabet and I think it turned out great. What do you think?

Aunt Phyllis 5’4

Beautiful with long gray Hair

Country talking voice


Decorative style

Eyes are hazel in color

Friendly and funny


Gorgeous pearly whites

Humble spirit, heart of gold

Intelligent soul


Jack of many trades

Kind of outspoken at times

Lives Her art daily


Making southern food

Natural cookies and cakes

Oh, the aroma


Pecan pies, pound cakes

Quality work every time

Red Velvet, Oh Yes!


She helps to generate smiles

Talks positive and

Understands one’s feelings, yes


Vibrant is Auntie

With love in her heart for all

Xtra cool always 


Yes, She is a Queen

Zero negative mindset



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