Young Man

I want to be the one to reassure you

that your dreams can be attained

if you allow Gods grace to move through you

directing your steps…even during the mist of things


I want to reassure you that

just because life doesn’t go according to your plan

to keep striving

to be the best you can


And when you feel mislead

I want to be the one you can always confide in

instilling confidence and truth in you

so that you can better understand…


that you have great potential

that you’re an amazing, strong and articulate young man

who has unlimited potential

right in the palm of your hands


Take this mirror and take a peak

open up your eyes so you can see what I see

break the chains wearing you down

unleash the inner you…so you can start progressing now


I promise I will stand by your side

and be there when you need me

rooting on the sideline

don’t believe me…just watch and see


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