The Morning of Friday May 31, 2013

Yes I am aware that today is Friday

and I am supposed to be like T.G.I.F. with a smile on my face

and don’t get it twisted I am always grateful to see another day

However when I woke up this morning I was feeling another type of way

Mixed emotions deep inside that my heart can’t seem to shake

I was a little disappointed because I could not get to my daughters school to volunteer

No money to catch the bus or light rail, to far to walk, nobody to ask, basically no ways to get there

My heart is crushed especially when I seen the look on my daughters face

Volunteering is something I love to do

So I would never intentionally try to cause her heart to break

but in my life there are certain situations that are simply out of my control during this time

Unemployed for 4 years going on five.

Less than $20 in child support that obviously does no justice for my daughter and I

$50,000 in student debt that will continue to increase in size

Two degrees that have yet to help me get by…

in this economic mess…so who do I blame?


but I can’t turn back the hands of time

nor can I sit around and mope

I have to figure out a way to climb…

so that I can once again stand on my own two feet

so that I can once again provide for my mini me

so that I can once again be the person who I was meant to be

so that I can never disappoint my daughter or other precious lives…when it comes to volunteering

One day I will be an entrepreneur who will be able to look back on my struggles and see how far I’ve come

This is only a test and with Faith

My life will be reclaimed!


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