Summer Kiss


Private Invitation Only:

Summer Kiss

awaits for you at noon


at the beautiful rose-bush

that is nestled between two red brick houses

that are joined together by an old weathered chain link fence

where two metal doves are mounted on the only opened gate

and green vines from the radiant rose-bush

intertwines it

In reply:

The Perfect spot

for our Summer Kiss

I will be there

before noon hits

As I wait in anticipation

for the clock to strike twelve

I put on a pretty little purple dress with no details

something calm and sincere

yet will take his breath away

when we are near

the moment we are hand-in-hand

about to drift into fantasy land

the perfect dress. that sways with the rotation of the wind

shoes. strapless sandals to slide my manicured feet in

earrings. purple flowers that dangles against my cheeks

lips. a glossy shine that shimmers when the sun peaks

legs. smooth with a lavender scent

hair. mostly flat ironed with a few curls in it

Five minutes till:

A quick lip rub to my reflection in the mirror

as I get ready to walk out the front door

I peek out the side window

where he nervously waits

My handsome best friend of 17 years

We. are about to embark on a new journey

that hopefully will be “the sweetest embrace”

Time to go:

As I walk towards him

my smile. gets brighter and brighter

my heart. overflows with joy and warmth

my nerves. a little shaky

my mentality. happy

As we stand face-to-face

we lean in for Summer’s Kiss

Felt like fireworks, heaven and pure bliss

A smile lit up his face

like a ray of light

He was mine

I was his

Our Summer Kiss

will forever be cherished.

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