Jesus Christ Knows Best

It’s been a long time coming
But I finally derived to the decision
That poetry and helping others are the only two things that I envision
Wait a minute, let me rewind and add something to this piece
Originally it was Jesus Christ who helped me to confirm my belief
It was He who had heard my prayers and my cries
It was He who began to open doors for me and I realize
I am nothing without Jesus Christ
You see
I will give him all the praise and glory for the rest of my life
For removing all doubts, fears and unwanted strife
For the ups and the downs and for forgiving me of my sins
He is the Head of my journey and I will follow Him until the end
He is truly amazing and I simply do not understand
Why some people can’t seem to comprehend
That it is He who makes your dreams come true
It is He who wakes you up, when He simply did not have too
It is He who gives, if you truly believe and are persistent in your asking
It is He who knows what you need, when you are lacking
I am so glad that he sent me confirmation
Because I was lost and clueless to what my purpose truly was
And I owe it all to Jesus Christ for His unconditional love.


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