God has the Power to Restore!!!

When I sit here and think about how good God has been to me…I can’t help but praise His name. At one point I was going blind…but God help me to see clearly again. I couldn’t walk at one point…but God healed my legs. I was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor Cerebri in 2010…but thank God its benign. At 16 I wanted to commit suicide…but with lots of prayer My God I am still alive. In 2010 I finally stop drinking and got “SAVED”…its been 3 years and 5months since I touched a drink. So you see it does not matter what you are going through, or how many mistakes you’ve made, or what you have done in your past…God has the Power to Restore and I’m a living witness!!! Some people are to proud to praise His name because of what they friends or family may think of them. Here’s the thing your friends and family can’t get you into Heaven. Think about it!!! =)

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