Nothing Justifies Abuse

Domestic Violence is a serious issue that affects many people regardless of sex or class. Nothing justifies abuse. It is ugly, disgraceful, and unacceptable. Last night it’s like God was speaking to me and wanting me to discuss this issue. I tried to go to sleep but this issue just kept eating at me over and over again. Regardless whether the lights are on or off, if I have something weighing on my heart I have to stop and write. I did just that, because somewhere in this world there is somebody being abused. When God speaks I listen. I wrote this spoken word piece and dedicated to no one in particular. Somebody somewhere needs to hear these lyrics. If I can touch just one person than I know that my words helped someone today; get out of an abusive relationship.


Dear friend,

How are you today?

I know the last time we spoke

Your heart was heavy

And at the time I didn’t know just what to say

I received a phone call recently

But I want say from whom

Just know that this person loves you

Just as much as I do

In this phone call it was stated

You were at an event just recently

And your persona was anything but…jolly

Apparently, you had a black eye that can be seen…in the light

And a few bruises you claimed…

Happened when you fell in the middle of the night

Now as your friend, I was concerned

So I reach out and spoke to your mother

And everything that was stated…was confirmed


And my heart had shattered on concrete

Because as your friend this is not how your life is supposed to be

So I wrote you this spoken word piece

And I hope and pray you do not get angry

Your mother loves you and is scared for your family’s safety

I just ask you to listen to these words… please.

Nothing justifies abuse

And as your friend

I cannot seem to comprehend

Why you choose to keep accepting his excuse

I guess you would say…that

I simply…do not understand

He is my man

We have children together

And I will never find anyone better

Plus he promised…he would not raise another hand…at me

I love him, why can’t you see?

She loves him, why can’t I see?

Well…what I see is a coward

Perpetrating to be a man

And what I see…is a beautiful queen

Who does not deserve to have her face… smashed in…EVERY SINGLE DAY

What I see is a coward

Who when around other people

Puts on a charades…as if…everything is simply… OK

Then a couple of hours later

I receive a phone call from you

Saying, “as soon as we arrived home

He gave me black eyes…and i…

Was so badly bruised…

That no one could hear my cries

Yet, I still love him”

My response

I feel sorry for you

And for the heartaches and pain you go through

I truly do

But as your friend

Please help me to comprehend

Why you keep justifying this man’s…addiction

Because that is…what it is

Somewhere down the line

This man’s heart has been broken a thousand times

And perhaps has seen things…

As a child…that he could not escape

But that still is no excuse for the abuse

And I refuse to believe that this man…

Cannot distinguish the difference between

what is wrong and what is right

Despite…what he may or may not have witnessed

But if this is not the case… then my bad…my mistake

If it is the case…then he is the one conflicted

And should be restricted…from seeing his family

At least until he seeks some help

He needs to understand that he…himself… is the enemy

And needs to deal with the hand that he was dealt…immediately

He must accept and deal with the things that happen to him in his life

Or else your relationship will probably remain full of strife

You are blinded by love sweetie

And you are not the only one

And it’s not ok

Just a suggestion

But, you…yourself might need to seek therapy

To get a better sense of why you choose… to continue to stay

I know I am no therapist or doctor and I cannot tell you what to do

I just have so much love for you

I hope everything works out for the best

With all my love,


6 thoughts on “Nothing Justifies Abuse

  1. Its sad so many people stay in abusive relationship because they have kids together. I recently wrote a poem call That Not Love, base on it and another person wrote a poem on this matter as well. I hope she comes to her sense real soon and leave him. All we can do is pray about. Beautiful piece, thank you for the likes. God Bless 🙂

  2. I agree with every word you stated poeticjourney. It is a situation that should never exist. Oftentimes some females feel the need to stay and use their child/children as an excuse. God did not bring us into this world to be abused and who gives someone else the right to put his/her hand on another human being. That is why I stated a man or woman who is the abuser is simply a coward. A real man or woman would just walk away from the situation and seek help. You are very welcome for the likes. I am so glad you enjoyed this piece.

  3. This was simply amazing. I too agree that you were meant to write this for a reason. I have a friend that was and possibly still is being abused. As you stated, abuse is completely unacceptable. I wrote a poem recently on my blog called Spoiled To Death about this same subject in hopes my friend would see it and read it. I’m not sure if she did or if she will but I defiantly am going to show her this. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is hard to see a friend in such a situation. As much as we can try to help, ultimately it is up to the individual to leave.

  4. I only wish I had of told my friends, my parents, anyone. I divorced on Monday. After 18 years of torture. He already has another girlfriend that herself came from an abusive marriage. Abusers charm is unmatched. They can lie to you, to themselves and never blink an eye. Cowards. Men, women.
    I am free and have sole custody of my children. I love your lyrics. I stumbled upon this one looking for a poem for a stepmother friend. Beautiful.

    1. This was truly a blessing to read. I love writing inspirational poetry and if my work can touch just one person my heart is fulfilled. May God continue to watch over you and your children…protecting you always. God bless

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