This is another spoken word piece that I wrote…please feel free to leave comments. It is called “She”


She is not me

that is why you can not leave me alone

she does not have the wifey material status

to move forward in turning a house into a home

She is just a rebound

that you think you have feelings for

yet, there is no strong enough connection

to bond the two hearts cores

She is not me

I suppose that is why you keep photo’s of me by your bedside

because the feelings you have for me

are too real to hide

She is not me

She will never be

She is just a she

who will never have the ability

to have your unconditional love

As God is my witness above

I do not regret what I just mentioned

I wish She had your attention

like I do

Maybe your love for me

is the love you wish would be

but remember life does not always go as planned

and I am sorry man

it is pass do for me to move on

So you see

true indeed, She is not me

but if you give her a chance

and stop living a fantasy

she might just be

the one

who can jetstart your engine

if you just open up your mind

and stop living back in time

So you see

She is not me

and I refuse to continue being the other…She

on the sideline

the she that was once your woman

but now the Ex,

the Ex that went on midnight walks and other outings

that sometimes led to sex

the Ex that enjoyed spending quality time

with you

the Ex that was bonded to your heart

like glue

So no, she is not me

and I no longer want to be

the e in your We

I know that we will always remain

tighter than skin-tight jeans

but if I continue to maintain

this sin

You and I will never be able to

grow as friends

and I

I will never be able to grow

into the woman

that I am destined

to be

So please listen to me clearly

You see

I am no longer the e in your We


She can be.


6 thoughts on “She

  1. This poem really spoke volumes. Wow! So many women suffer from this very SHAME of being the other woman…it’s time to PUSH forward and become the woman that God has ordained the woman to be. ~ShameNoMore

    1. Thank you so much. I can definitely relate to this piece just as many other women can. We have to stop putting ourselves in this type of position…only to leave our hearts shattered on concrete. I am so glad that I am changing my life for the better. Much love to you shame.

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