The Word “B”

When will some of these women realize

that calling themselves a “B”

simply signifies

the wrong message

Its wreckage

to think that calling themselves a “B”

will somehow boost their popularity

You see

it may just be a 5-letter word

but it’s a 5-letter word of disgrace

and never should be embraced

but rather replaced

with the word “beautiful”

Beautiful describes a woman

who is secure and knows the importance of self-worth

who was taught how to value herself

since birth

She is a queen in her own right


what others may think

She is a beautiful masterpiece

and will never be associated nor branded by the word


She is empowering…


people’s days and always making sure to portray

a woman of class seven days

…a week

Because she knows that she is a woman of value

a woman of Faith

a woman of grace

a woman of many great & wonderful things

yet the word “B” not now, nor will ever be

engraved within her intelligent vocabulary


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