My Pen

My pen purposely inks blue lines

to verbalize written rhymes

so one can get a sense of how i am feeling inside

tears flood my eyes than release

down my cheeks

flooding the pavement

where a rose once grew from concrete

i have a burning desire to succeed

but stress seems to creep up on me

when least expected

and yes it does get hectic

but i still manage to maintain

eliminating negativity one day at a time

along with spiritual guidance to ease my mind

my pen is the reason

i can survive throughout this economic depression

that seems to have manifested into a chaotic mess

my pen is my drive

my companion

my voice

my sanity

my poetry is within my pen

the ink that flows

telling a story from beginning to end

my pen

black, blue, or green ink

simply does not matter to me

my pen can be red

just as long as the ink releases

my words per-fect-ly


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