Feeling some type of way

Outside these doors

some people think that they get it–got it

with no need for explanation in-between

but if they truly get it–got it

then why do they not fully understand me

instead of assuming I am exaggerating–

what is really reality

My life story is not sugar-coated by any means

I am not an angel

but I am neither the crazy that some make me out to be.

I spit the truth when expressing my deepest feelings

creatively, I was blessed with this gift

for me it is the only way to heal–internally

I am woman enough to admit my flaws

but behind these 4 walls

I am like a fallen prey

that wishes to be set free

confession–from built-up aggression

targeted at me

Oh, how I pray to be free

free to enter a room of peace

and not be surrounded by such misery

My life use to be full of laughter, joy and smiles

but one day, “that use to be,”

“is going to be,” a magnificent testimony–

of how I finally broke free.

An autobiography of how I overcame struggles and pain

Just wait!


5 thoughts on “Feeling some type of way

  1. Life is full of many ups and downs, these things shape us and help to make us stronger! We learn as much from our mis-steps as our successes and yet you will see they will blend together and help you to become the best person you can be! Everything you overcome will help you to see others a little clearer! One truly does not live until he has walked several times in another’s shoes or their situation. What happens to one happens to another. We should never put down but always try to lift up as we do not know when our down will come and we need assuring words to lift us. You will be okay if you stay the course. The path to true spiritual success in life is a hard one, but once taken you become a true light to all around you and a blessing. Always share and care and help another, and you will be helped always! A light burns brightly within your soul, let it come out and share it with others without hesitation. Your day is coming! God bless!

    1. You are absolutely right Wendell. I feel so much at peace since I have been on this personal and spiritual journey. I’ve never felt more complete. I finally know who I am and what my purpose is in life. There was no way of knowing without God’s confirmation. Through prayer and meditation He spoke to me and I listened. I still have a ways to go but I feel good. I am very grateful for His everlasting love. =)

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