Dedicated to my mother

With all my love


Mother you are a Queen

And I realize more than anything

That without you–there is no me


Although we both share struggles and pain

Reality is…

Our mother—daughter bond will always remain


Tighter than skin-tight jeans

Deeper than the deepest blue sea

Stronger than what the ocean waves bring


You see—


Mommy you are one of a kind

Always on your grind

And I remember all the times


That you sacrificed–many of things

So that my sister & I

May have life necessities


Therefore you are–the apple of my eyes

A beautiful & warmhearted blessing

Surprise–Happy Mother’s Day


5 thoughts on “Dedicated to my mother

  1. I wrote my mother a poem finally and was going to give it to her on mothers day that year. Which was only 3 weeks away. I couldn’t read it at the funneral it hurt too much. Cherish every moment you have with your mom. Brautifully expressed,

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