God Created You & Me

God created you and me

from the tip of our heads

to the soles of our feet

created us as a multi-race

and molded our bodies into dissimilar shapes

God created us so that we would all have equal rights–despite

our cultures, values, genders, or views in life

God gives each us the opportunity to stand or sit side by side

and talk face to face

without belittling one another out of revenge, religion, jealousy or race

God created the heaven and the earth

for all of us to live upon

so that we may explore the world and unite as one

God created you and me

to rejoice and inspire

to work together and retire

to educate and appreciate

to pray and to continue to thank Him

for making away out of no way

God is the creator of all things–high and low

Believe, have faith in Him

and together–we will continue to grow

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