A Day full of Surprises

Wow! What can I say

I am almost speechless—

On this beautiful–yet–rainy day

First I received a phone call

That made me jump out of my seat

Next I received a knock on the door

So I began to peak

But my peaking–still didn’t allow me to see–

what was on the other side

I opened the door

And surprisingly I sighed– Awe

1-800-flowers was handing me

A dozen full of lilly’s

In a tall—adorable–rectangular vase

And surprisingly

Shocking expressions written all over my face

Who would do something so sweet?

I opened the envelope

And this is what it said,

Dearest Ria,

I am so glad

To have you as a friend

You inspire me

To reach out and give other’s a helping hand

You have a heart of pure gold

And— Like me—you write words

With such integrity

Creating a glimpse of reality

To uplift People of all nationalities

And I am so happy to see—

That you are embracing

Your love of poetry

May your days forever be sweet

Yours Truly, ………

I am thinking to myself who could this possibly be

I started to think—but then it “donned” on me

My heart filled up with joy

My eyes overflowed with tears

And suddenly– I dropped to my knees

Prayed to my Heavenly Father

Thanking Him–repeatedly

For all of His many blessings

It was a note from my longtime friend

Who I have not seen since 2003

A friend, that like me—was very intrigued by poetry

I guess this was God‘s way Of sending–A sign to me

No matter how much distance is in-between

Poetry has a way of rekindling old memories


2 thoughts on “A Day full of Surprises

  1. Please forgive me but your exciting post forces me to share a recent request to write a poem for a friend who just received a bunch of roses inspired by God’s love between her and a her friend.

    Flowers for You

    These unexpected colors
    Draping from my trembling arm
    A gift of splendid roses
    Breathe a hint of my God’s charm.

    A dozen colored roses
    Quiet my heart’s alarm
    Beating bashfully
    Almost endlessly
    Restless to be where You are,
    My God, my love my Morning star.

    Again, I apologize for “posting” on your post but my request to write this poem happened just last Friday. Truly, love, God’s Love, is in the air. Enjoy your well-deserved flowers my friend!

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