The day we met

When I first met you

I could not say that it was love at first sight

but I could say there was a unique connection

that kind of felt right

Perhaps it was the gaze from your deep-brown eyes

that had caught me by surprise–

mesmerized– had me feeling just a little bit tingly inside

I could have lied–but I can’t deny

Maybe it was the touch from your hand–so soft and sweet

in all honesty–that touch–relaxed my body–from head to feet

Confession–shivers went up my spine

but of course I had to play it low-key

Then you just had to give me a warm–tender hug

had the sensations in my body going crazy

Most importantly–it was the words in which you had spoken

that I seem to have admired

I truly enjoyed every single moment

setting my heart on fire–to the highest degree

I knew at that very moment it was some type of chemistry

between you and me

First impression is everything you see–

it was not only your voice

but the way you presented yourself–

“very respectfully”

it was your mind, body and soul

that I had found so sincere, peaceful and clear

I will forever cherish the day we had first met

it is a keepsake implanted in my heart

something special that I will never forget.


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