Deep Thoughts “A Short Story”

As I watch you from across the room

I feel you undressing me with your eyes

Mesmerized–by my short black negligee

as it clings to my thick–juicy thighs


an erotic fantasy of you and I

overlooking the beautiful sunrise

engaging in some sexual activities

first tasting each other’s passionate fruit

to quench our thirst

draining both fountains dry

as our body temperature starts to rise

we take turns caressing one another’s mountains–


slowly drifting our hands up and down

starting from the head–than down to each other’s feet

exploring everything–including the highest peaks

I feel–you feel–chemistry

with every breath of air we take

the passion becomes deep

deeper than love

a feeling of true ecstasy

as we take each other by the hand

and begin–to roll around on mother natures

brown-coated sand

we kiss for hours along the tropical island

as the water begin to rise just above our necks

we slowly unwind giving it a rest

as the night falls–and the sun starts to set

we stand face to face

dripping wet

shivering from the breeze that the ocean waves give–when passing by

we walk side by side

hand in hand

reminiscing to earlier times

when we were just in fantasy land

now back to reality

me staring at you

you staring at me from across the room

gazing in each others eyes

we both–SIGH–with nothing to say

we both–just walk away


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