The Mother of all times

You raised me from a tiny little seed

to the mature, young adult I am today

Nourished my soul

and guided me along the way

Gave me advice, which was always on time

provided me with the necessities in life

knowledge, shelter and food

always willing to make a sacrifice

Thank you Mother for being so kind and true

for having a heart of pure gold

and for trying so hard

at everything that you do

Mom you are a beautiful woman

who I consider my role model and best friend

you are an inspiring–loving parent

and I will be forever grateful until the end

It is the little things that you do

that makes you a special person

absolutely and positively the best

Mom you’re the apple of my eye

as if you didn’t already know

everything you do for me–I appreciate

although at times it may not show

I love you always and forever more



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