Dedicated to Spoken Word Lyricist

See there are many spoken lyricist that came before me

that spit spoken rhymes–that are sweet–

just like the preachers sermon during Sunday mornings church time

and see im just a follower to these souls

because they enlighten me

and I am fascinated by the

different jazz melodies attached to their words

that continues to play over and over in my mind

it is because of them–that finally I am ready to shine

but nevermind me

Who am I?

I’m just a follower you see

to this spoken word luxury

a follower amongst beautiful souls

who serenades us

with political, inspirational, or erotica speeches

that touch where we needed the most

spoken word HERO’S that speak on our behalf

from coast to coast

speaking what were thinking in our heads

but often times–are to scared

to stand before a crowd

to speak the unspoken out loud

I give spoken word artist the highest respect

because they spit dat–dat–dat–dat–REAL

that real talk that lets you

feel what they feel

that amped up burning desire

to inspire–an audience

it is clear to me

that they are to me

the illest emcee

it is their expression

better yet–their impression

that they have on me

like spoken artist–B.Young, Flex, Sam, & Daynomi

just to name some

and even though I have never met

these great artist

they have influenced me in many ways

they’re you tube clippings has help to motivate me

to succeed–

to stay focused and work hard at perfecting my poetry



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