Innocent eyes

yet he lies

straight to her face

his apologies for his words and actions

are too late to be replaced

all the verbal abuse

that was directed towards she

was directed unfairly

not once–but twice

the way he came out his mouth at she

his mentality was cold as ice

years of friendship

straight down the drain

her eyes started to rain

she staring at him

like this dude is insane

especially after having the audacity

to disrespect her

as if she were to blame

what a damn shame

gone are the days of hanging out

memories faded as if they never existed

gone are the days of socializing and getting twisted

no more hugs, kisses or in-between

or sexual activities that were never meant to be heard or seen

thank goodness for black ink on blue lines

helping her to unleash her built up animosity

allowing her to finally break free from a connection

that was clearly blinding she

thank goodness for kin folks and true friends

thank goodness she came to her senses

and got over this backstabbing man


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