Last Night

Last night the devil attacked me in my sleep

He locked my body down and gripped my lips so I couldn’t speak

He despises me and it is no surprise

You see…

the more I dedicate my life to Jesus Christ

the more the devil tries to feel my life with strife

Just when the devil thought he had complete control over my me


my lips were set free–to recite Psalms 23

followed by a selection from yours truly

I softly song–Jesus is real and no weapon formed against me shall prosper

An as the devils anger intensified

my pitch became louder

I was singing to Jesus to let Him know that I believe

giving Him all of my worries, doubts and fears

so that I can receive–His blessings

I realize sometimes I am my own worst enemy

but I have to stay positive and prayerful

and know that Jesus will make a way for me

I will continue to praise His name and give Him all the glory

See the devil despises me–because I am thirsty–

for Jesus love–His warm embrace–His powerful scriptures–

and it is no mystery how my heart yearns for his tender touch

Oh how I love Him so very much

and devil you can try to place obstacles in my way

but my Mighty Jesus will make a way out of no way.


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