Teenage Girls

I look outside my door

and see young teenage girls

strutting their hips

flaunting up and down the street

with their halter tops and skin-tight jeans

fitted tops with booty shorts–

where the imprints of their thongs can be seen

and for what–A teenage boy

it hurts me to my heart

to see these young and beautiful teens

put forth so much time and energy

to attract teenage boys

knowing that some only want one thing

it hurts because

looking at them is like looking at–a reflection of me–

when I was 16

However, in today’s society these young teens–have become to extreme

apparently for some–

giving out brain and giving up their virginity–

is nothing

These young girls will spread their legs so quick

just to fit in with their little click

it is a sad situation

how as parents can we not be frustrated

we teach our your girls to respect themselves–

and their bodies

because they are queens

but unfortunately for some

peer pressure seems to overpower their mentality

and that is reality

but it is never to late

to mold these young girls

into something great


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