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If you have crossed paths with people who has stated to you, “Your nothing,” “You will never get ahead,” “Your worthless,” etc..

Let there words bounce off your chest–and never stress

 I will be the first to say that although I do not know you–you are somebody. You are a man, woman, or teenager who may not have that support system like some folks. Believe me my support system comes from true friends, some family and best of all–YOU! I’ve had people to put me down and say that I will never do this or I will always be like this–excuse my french but ‘to hell with what these people think.” Their ignorance only makes me go harder to make my dreams come true. I use to ask God–Why Me? but you know what–WHY NOT ME? I know that God is testing me to see if I can overcome these obstacles in life. I also know that he is trying to see if I will keep faith in Him and not go astray when someone criticizes or does something to get me upset. Honestly, I have failed on several occasions. The good thing is God doesn’t judge because He knows that you and I are far from perfect. What is life without mistakes–mistakes help us to become stronger and wiser.

If you agree please tell me what you think. I know that I am not alone…

Ria Robinson


8 thoughts on “Please read and comment

  1. i definately agree that we need to let these words bounce off for sure. Don’t let anyone get you down! Keep pushing forward! God is definately testing us without a doubt. However, i disagree with what you said about God not judging us. God IS judging us. Those who say to hell with all the assholes and do what is expected of them and seek to purify themselves and live accordingly and overcome this world will ascend to the heights. However, those who fail to overcome will not ascend. So we are being judged, but don’t carry your past with you. Seek forgiveness and move forward in purity. As long as you purify your intentions to do good and then work to do good, you will be iight! jus my two cents…


  2. A friend once told me that whenever people start saying mean things behind your back, it only means one thing: you’re a step ahead of them and they hate you for it. You’re right. You shouldn’t let other people’s negativity bring you down. Believe in yourself, believe in God and the rest will follow. Peace, Ria! 🙂

  3. I would have otherwise kept my comment to myself, however you asked for a comment. lol

    God is not testing us, rather, He allows us to be tested. It is the nature of the freewill that He has so lovingly gifted us with that allows people to be so mean and spout off whatever they feel like at whomever is around. He is, however, cheering us on, carrying us when we fall, and holding us when we can’t move. He is the one who walks wth us and speaks life into our lives. He does ask you, “Why not you Ria? I gave you your dreams so that I could help you live them out. I gave you those things to work for so that I could help you attain them!” It is by HIS power alone that we can keep moving forward with the things He alone has set before us.

    God does not judge us (as followers of Christ), but not because He knows that we are far from perfect. That, if anything, gives Him all the more right to judge us, for He CANNOT be in the presence of sin! That is the entire reason that Jesus had to die. He has nothing to judge us about, however, if we accept the blood sacrifice that was offered on our behalf! He has given us a measure of grace that we could not have reached otherwise.

    Keep pressing forward, Ria. Keep moving closer to Him!

  4. Can you love the people who persecute you. Jesus did. He died for them so they could have life if they so choose. God is love and you are made in His image. If you received Him as your Lord and Savior and repented of your sin then He lives in you. You can love the haters in spite of themselves. Blessings.

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