Loving me

as I stand in the mirror

I realize

I will never be a skinny chick

with model shaped thighs

my body is thick

and it is time I embrace it

stop putting myself down

and start loving my pretty-brown-round

voluptuous frame



2 thoughts on “Loving me

  1. That’s very admirable. The world does not make loving ones own body very easy. Everyday is a struggle (if your not the shape of a model which is about the 1 or 2 percent). At least that is how I felt-everyday a struggle against the mirror and food. . . . And anyone around me would tell you I am not “heavy” as they say. But that’s how tough it is! It took me a long time to love my body and accept myself. The things that did it: knowing all about the food I eat (ingredients, sugar, fat, protein, etc.), doing yoga (you feel results right away and it helps your mind!), and eating healthy (based on ingredients). Im no expert on anything. I just have struggled a lot with how I look and I remember those awful days of trying to starve or throw up or smoke ciggs- I am just so much happier now and I do attribute it to the kinds of food I eat and the yoga for exercise and meditation. I know I’m a stranger but your words recalled some memories from me… I am happy for you!

  2. Thank you so much elenafacchinei. Yes I have struggled with my weight and image for years and I know the contributing factors are: snacking when i am stressed. For the past 4 years my stress had gotten worst from being laid off and trying to take care of my daughter the best I can. Thank goodness I lean on God now and my faith is so much stronger. I know that God has a plan and my life will not always be this way. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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