Dedicated to single Fathers

I hear so much about

single women raising kids on their own

well–what about the single fathers

holding down the household

because mommy’s gone

gone astray

because mommy was not ready for responsiblity

or to change her partying ways

so mommy decided to run off with another man

while the single father

was left doing the best that he can

to raise his kids and make ends meet

and its a shame–how the hard work of many single fathers

goes unappreciated and unacknowledged 

day after day

even when these men chose to do the right thing

by being a real man and stepping up to the plate–

always making sure to give thanks to his Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

for helping him to find a way

Its millions of magnificent single fathers in our society

and I dedicate this piece–to honor their heroic mentality

it takes a real man–to be a real father

and its true

that there are very few

who can hold the title Father

because there are many men who simply do not bother–

to even try 

these are the men who come in and out of their kids life

like a ray of light

making up excuses and telling lies

like its alright


so I give much respect and credit

to all the wonderful men in our society

who have taken on the role

as a single father, father figure, or big brother–



A tribute to real men


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