its 3 am

and my mine is twisted


yet i insisted

to write this piece

the devil despises me

because mentally he can no longer


I am connected spiritually

to a higher power

Jesus Christ–The Almighty King

sometimes it is hard for me to believe

that I did a 360 degree change within me

but I look at it as a

blessing in disguise

had it not been for Jesus Christ–saving me

i would still be sinning for the enemy

therefore i am grateful for everything that HE has done

I am happy for the obstacles HE helped me to overcome

I was battling demons

and headed in the wrong direction


alcohol use to be my choice of addiction since the age of 16

to escape my heartaches, pain and misery

yet I could not blame a single soul

In 2010 January 17th

I decided to decease any type of alcohol activities

because I was diagnosed with Pseudo tumor cerebri

yet i know everything happens for a reason

an I guess this was my season

Life took a complete transformation

and some days I could not take it

popping pills every 3 to 4 hrs

was something i had to get use too

with the help of God–my PROTECTOR and FRIEND

I had managed to get thru

I mean– i am still taking pills to better my disease

but now I am stronger emotionally, mentally and physically


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