Reality is

I am a single mother of 1

trying to do the best that I can

out here in these streets

but since you seem to know everything

tell me how is it possible to make a living

when I don’t even have a dime to make ends meet

7 days a week

im constantly

submitting, mailing, filling out or faxing my resume

so that i can seek–

a job or career

It has been 4 long stressful years

Do you truly understand how tired i am–

of holding back these tears

People on the outside looking in

seem to always have an opinion

“go work here, go work there”

“its jobs out there, you’re not looking hard enough”

or my favorite– “it must be you, obviously you’re not trying to work nowhere”

To hell with what these people think

if it was that easy

I would not be venting

I can not stand when people ASSUME

that really frustrates me

and the worst part of all

is knowing that– apparently– having 2 college degrees

doesn’t mean a damn thing

in today’s economy

I’ve been busting my tail trying to make a better life–

for my daughter and I

doing side jobs just to get by

but unfortunately

this is not working out to well

so i started a small business

and every now and then–I make a few sells

but it is still not enough to prevail

Every night

i kneel down on bended knee

praying for a better tomorrow

praying that we’ll be blessed financially

i know in my heart that this was not the life meant for me

God has plan and on his own time

my daughter and I

will live abundantly





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