These here streets

come here lil youngin

what you doing in these here streets

raise up–stand straight and look at me when i speak

you see–these here streets

will swallow you up and spit you out

if your mind is loose

these here streets

prey on lil youngins like you

because you have no sense of direction


i was caught up one time

doing dirty deeds

to please

the enemy

it aint nothing i havent seen

gats going click clack

junkies high off crack

friends dying quick to react

but reality is these homies aint coming back

i have seen young women

selling they Va–J–J

just to make a dime

young fools committing crimes

lil youngin it aint hard to get

sucked into these streets

but you are an imposter, a wannabe

for you i see–bigger things

big dreams

so promise me

you will stay out of these here streets–for good

and look up to God

not the HOOD.


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