True IDenTity

bitter twisted lies

real tears I cried

as my true identity stays buried inside

choking my authentic self

trying to overcome a chaotic past

with no ounce of sympathy–no help

my heart is flooded with pain

from years of built up animosity–

that still remains

within the depths of my soul

im tired of struggling

and trying to get people to see

that my passions, hopes and dreams

are relevant–you see

my daughter is my life–my everything

til the day I die

and God can attest

that everyday–I try

to make a better arrangement for my daughter and I

my true identity

had to be unleashed

2 strengthen

2 inspire

others like me

so our days filled with tears

can now decease

no more rain drops bouncing off our cheeks

for today

is a new begging

to spread our wings–and shine

to conquer our destiny

build unity

express lyrically

an authentic reflection of who we are

in a world

where words go far

my true identity

is what makes me–me

my motivation and confirmation from God

to push and succeed

no more split personalities

I have a new mentality

my true identity


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