To my Haters

Y when I look at you

it is so much hatred in your eyes

criticizing me

because I want to rise

to the top

instead of staying confined

to the 3700th block– of CP

I have dreams and goals

that I want to reach

but you act like you do not C

me struggling daily

trying to break free

from this misery

to conquer my destiny

Just let me be

with or without you

i will succeed

i motivate self

and that’s all i need

i have my baby girl on one side

and God on the other

supportive sisters and brothers

and no im not talking about biological

hurtful at times

because you hate to C me shine

Y so evil

the devil must be sitting on your frontline

directing your bitterness

and that’s fine

because I want break

i have a backbone the size of a oceanfloor

trust and believe

I will SOAR!


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