Another spoken word piece

Before I write this piece allow me to explain. My life has not been all glitter and gold. I endured some struggles in my life just like anybody else. When I wrote this piece at first I thought it was funny but as I look back it showcased a dark time in my life where the devil had me so twisted I was crying out for help.

Here it be the judge

Went from corona to Heineken

to Budweiser to bud light

from dackeries to Smirnoff

to jeds to hard mike

then from vodka & cranberry to vodka and OJ

to barcardi & kool-aid to parot bay

from amaretto sour to sipping crown and coke

then back to vodka & cranberry–confused, I know

now its ying leng or blue motorcycle–I was thinking “Ok nothing more”

but dang I was thirsty–craving liquor– from any ABC store

for that high–that buzz–that good old white liquor that I love

that takes my pain away

the dark clouds and stormy rain–that hangs

over my head–I dread


but physically and mentally I do not have the ability

to release my pain

sometimes without drinking or sipping on liquor or wine

I just need to free my mind

occasionally sometimes

without the MIC

and spoken rhymes

just a couple of days out of the week

to feel–to be–TIPSY

Lord please forgive me


2 thoughts on “Another spoken word piece

  1. I am a current college student and this rings so true to me and some of my friends. Really felt this one.

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