3rd spoken word piece








To intrigued by her beauty

he hears not one word she speaks

to busy daydreaming of her soft, voluptuous silhouette

a habit he can’t seem to kick

licking his lips slowly

as he undresses her with his eyes

–she ask him a question, “are you paying attention to me?”

he just sighs

working his eyes up her long, sexy legs and thick cocoa thighs

and up to her teeny tiny waist

thoughts of getting in between

thoughts of caressing, kissing and grabbing

he cant seem to shake this feeling

–she stops speaking and ask, “are you paying attention or undressing me with your eyes?”

again he licks his lips and just sighs

–she says, “forget this!” –and walks away with her fierce signature walk; so mad she couldn’t even talk

again he hears not one word she just said

to busy contemplating

as the nasty thoughts overpower his head

WOW!–from voices across the street

his nice, crisp, white Versace outfit

just got ICED Cafe Mocha splashed on it

he came back to reality and said, “what the f***K”–

is going on in your head

–she said,”oops my bad I was to busy not caring about your stupid A**

–next time you will be sure to pay attention to the words in which I speak

–instead of daydreaming about you and I, in your sick twisted fantasy

He was surprised and felt so ashamed

–she said, “boy please I just peeped your game

–you see, there is more to me

–then what your doggish eyes may see

–I am an intelligent woman beyond the beauty

–I’m not your ho, your slut, your prostitute or your smut

–your bimbo, your trick, your chick on the side or some chick you can run game wit

–im a woman and I deserve more respect

–not just for me but for every women


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