Spoken Word Piece

see I was told to never be afraid–when I step onto the stage

to speak my rhyme

and I was told that–who knows

when reciting my inspirational words

I might bless a few souls–one at a time

You see–that is what I too envisioned

If I could touch one man, one woman, one boy or one girl

maybe–just maybe–I could make a small difference in this crazy world

It is hectic, insane–so much discrimination and pain

I feel DRAINED–at times

but then, that is when–I get some paper

and let my thoughts

flow through my pen

I can DO THIS–I know I CAN

take this MIC and bless my audience

with an inspirational message–that speaks the God-given truth

You see–this is what I DO.

Write words that expresses reality and that will one day change the mentality–of some

all I can do is hope and pray

that the words in which I have just spoken

have impressed you today.


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