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You have just entered the site of Ria the Lyricist–welcome.

You will find that I am a different kind of poet–some may even consider my poetry to be street. In my opinion when it comes to poetry grammar takes a backseat. Why? because poetry is words that express how one feels mixed with a little slang. How as a poet can you tell someone, “Oops your grammar is off”–please… give me a BrEaK!!!

I have written poetry for over 17 years and had my work featured in different books. This goes to show that there is no limit to how poetry is written.

Poetry is a stress reliever for me. It allows me to free my mind and unite with others just like me. If you are a true poet at heart than you can definitely relate. Well I will not keep you any longer. You can check out my featured poem down below and let me know what you think. I look forward to reading your word as well.

Peace & Love

Ria the Lyricist


It is that burning poetic desire deep within the core of my soul

that inspires me to wake up

and strive towards my goals

knocking down great barriers

and overcoming all obstacles

doing the unthinkable–accomplishing the impossible

It is incredible to me–to be, a poet

who writes–then recites

inspirational poetry that touches people in many ways

no this is not a faze–that I am going through

It is a part of my life–the truth

This is what God intended for me to do

It is beautiful to write words

that expresses heartfelt emotions of many kinds

but note–it is much deeper than black ink on blue lines

or the rhythm of my rhymes

It is the passion that I have inside

that allows me to free my artistic mind

and it is so worth my time

to be able to unleash happy, inspiring, or mental notes of pain–untold stories

that secretly lies inside the walls of my brain

I dedicate these words to all the people with a negative mentality towards me

 that just could not stand to see

that I could one day–possibly be

someone who has the ability

to speak and write such stunning testimonies

I have so much to give

and I will not allow others to steal–my happiness

So I will continue to hold my head high

with confidence


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